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Business Profile


After installing a CCTV system for a family member a few years ago, we discovered that there was a need for cost effective CCTV  Sollutions for homes and small businesses in Jamaica. 4K Digital was established in 2017 to provide just that. The 4K Digital team is made up of certified, experienced persons who have worked in Research and Information Technology fields for many years. 

Our mission is to consistently provide high quality affordable CCTV sollutions for customers and to be the preferred choice for those who seek to add surveillance systems to their homes and businesses.


Unsure as to what CCTV system Technology is the right one for your home or business? the team at 4K Digital is here to provide expert advice from inception to implementation. We will assist you in selecting the best system to meet your home/business needs. We also provide after installation support.


Our technical team will ensure that the systems you purchase are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications to guarantee optimal performance.